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Lose Your Gut and Build Your Butt

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Everyone has their own definition of glutes and how they want their butt to look as well as their abs. This program will provide all the tools (knowledge) you need to understand what it takes to build your glutes and abs. We will focus on nutrition, lifting heavy and of course the best exercises to do. Whether you are a beginner or advance the instructions will let you know what to do. Although, we cannot tell our body where on our body to put the foods we eat, focusing on our main macros (protein, fat and carbs) will be key! LIFTING HEAVY WILL BE THE FOCUS WITH THIS PROGRAM!

-Equipment I Suggest: Barbell (50-100lbs), Kettlebell 20lbs. You can also use dumbbells but 

*The link for the App will go out the last Friday of the month/(the Friday prior to the program starting) if you order after that time frame you will get placed in the program within 24 hours. If you are already enrolled in another program this program will get uploaded to your profile.

 Program Includes:

          - Exercise Visuals

          - Workout Breakdown (reps, sets and rest)

          -Eating Schedule

          -List of good fats, carbs and protein

           -Water Intake based on your size

           -Meal Suggestions

           - High Protein and Good Fat Snacks

   -Access to Trainer LJ to ask questions if you need help with the fitness             program or Nutrition

   -Support Group


     -Daily caloric intake and macro breakdown customized for you and your goals 


 *You have access to the workouts/nutrition for your month of purchase