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What's BYBG All About?

BE YOUR BODY GOALS is all about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals and turning it into a lifestyle from the comfort of your home!

We are bringing workouts and meals to you through the convenience of our BYBG Fitness App. The app is a tool that allows BYBG participants to engage with other members of the program and unlike most online programs you have access to a trainer. With this access you can ask questions about the workout or nutrition. Participants can view weekly menus, workouts, upload transformation photos, and input body stats to manage progress in the program. The app can also be synced with common fitness and nutrition apps including, but not limited to, MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and Apple Watch.

For the lifestyle transformation program, menus with ingredients and instructions are provided so you can cook the meals at home, or you can opt to use one of our local meal prep chefs based in Atlanta to prepare your weekly meals.

Once you purchase a program you will receive a link to download to the App.

Join the BYBG Community today and change your life!

BYBG Testimonials

"Not that I had never heard all of the information about eating right/meal prep/working out before, but putting it all together through this forum is really working for me. Finally, something is working - so blessed to have found this program!

January 2021 BYBG Program Vet

I've been more active all week than I've been in a long time, thanks to you. I'm grateful for this opportunity. This program has been a blessing, truly.

January 2021 BYBG Program Vet

The arm and leg workouts have been amazing! I can't believe the difference on how I feel just in three days. I have more energy and just all-around feel so much better.

January 2021 BYBG Program Vet


week 4 progress



Be your OWN body goals!

My programs are all about fitness, nutrition, being healthy and making it all a lifestyle.

As a United States Military Academy (West Point) grad and former Captain in the Army I will always lead from the front. I never give a workout that I would not do myself.

I love helping people reach their body goals and acheive better health.

People will talk regardless, so let them. When you’re happy with yourself you don’t have time to compare or discredit others. Be your OWN body goals! Welcome to the BYBG Community!

- LJ Dupree IG:GetFitwithLJ