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Just Nutrition with LJ

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Nutrition is very important to reach your health and fitness goals. Most people can workout but it's deciding what to eat, how much and when that is normally the issue. Since this is an online program I really want you to be intentional about reaching out to me as needed and plugging the foods you eat into MyFitnessPal. There is no judgement from me and honesty is the best way to get results. The link to download the app will go out Friday October 1st and we will start Monday October 4th to the email you provide at check out. #LetsGo

What this Plan provides:

-List of good carbs, fats and protein.

-Customize calorie and macro breakdown to match your goals

-Access to LJ from 9am-3pm EST from the Fitness App to ask any questions

-Eating Schedule

-Can Schedule 1-on-1 Zoom calls with LJ based on availability

-Water Intake based on your size

-Breakfast Ideas

-Support Group



*You have access to the nutrition for your month of purchase only