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Cooked Meal Prep Weekly (Metro Atlanta)

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Before purchasing please contact Chef Nichole (info below) so she can make sure she understands your goals and any allergies or customizations.

You can also visit her website https://www.pinchofconsciousness.com/plans-pricing

Conscious Kitchen Concepts is a meal prep with a private chef concept. Dedicated to bringing fresh, locally grown and nutritional meals to your front door. This program is designed to provide the same meal prep plan as Samantha Gibson.

Meal Plans are based on the needs of the individual. Specialized menus are up coming and will be priced based on the specifications of the client. All menus are carefully researched and created based on your dietary needs and/or restrictions. We offer a variety of options that will meet your needs. And therefore, pricing can vary based on the clients needs.

Starting price is $110 for 7 meals a week (1 meal a day)

Chef Nichole Mitchell: 404-748-8069